Tau Sigma Delta was organized in 1913 at the University of Michigan at the suggestion and guidance of the faculty in Architecture and Landscape Design who selected the first group of senior honor students to be the founding members. After three years of trial, the system of elections was extended to other universities.


With gradual growth, it became necessary for the best interests of the schools at which chapters became located, to extend elections to honor students who were majoring in a degree in departments allied with Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Thus Tau Sigma Delta developed from a senior honor society in Architecture and Landscape Architecture to become inclusive of upper level undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Architectural Design, Landscape Architecture, Visual Arts, Planning, Decorative Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design and all the arts allied with Architecture.


Tau Sigma Delta proved its worth steadily. It overcame the obstacles precipitated by World War I, the subsequent inflationary period, and the resultant era of world economic "recession and adjustment," and the later effects of World War II. To be sure, progress was delayed by these crucial tests of the times, and four of its chapters became inactive; however, the Society emerged strengthened by those tests.


Another test for the society came during the Vietnam Conflict. Membership in the society declined with several chapters becoming inactive. This has reversed itself in the past few years with the number of new chapters reaching an all time high.



At Cal Poly Pomona

Members are cordially invited to join from our chapter's faculty advisor Hofu Wu FAIA LEED-AP at the end of the 3rd year undergraduate or 2nd year graduate program. These invitations are carefully chosen after reviewing their academic standing at Cal Poly Pomona. Members are around the top 15% of the class in their grade point average; therefore one of the main objectives of TSD is to create a strong mentorship system for the 1st year undergraduates with the memebers of the club. 


Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts